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Fireproof steel door

Today, "fireproof steel doors" have been an indispensable part of every construction, especially areas with high population density such as apartments, factories, and offices. Especially after the  Regulation 06 2020  (qcvn 06 2020) was issued and clarified, current fireproof steel doors need to be able to prevent fire spread, keep the integrity of the door  and heat insulation. Specifically with ei60 fireproof steel doors, the door must be able to prevent the passage of flame and smoke, as well as the surface not exposed to the flame, the temperature after 60 minutes must not exceed 180 degrees. Currently, normally fireproof steel doors will have a double-sided blade steel structure with a thickness of 0.7-1.6mm depending on the company, inside the core is stuffed with fireproof insulation materials such as magnesium oxide, concrete, rockwool. … In addition, the accessories installed on the door are also required to have fire resistance corresponding to the fire resistance grade of the door. The stuffing of a lot of material inside leads to an increase in the weight of the door

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