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STVS & A-Safe

STVS Fence and Gate made by experienced manufacturer, according to European standards, with guarantee 10 year anti-corrosion for painting and outlook. A-safe barrier is safety barrier which absorb the collision force of forklift, protect people and precious equipment.

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About STVS

STVS is leading company in manufacturing Modular Fence, Gate, and Handrail which comply to Europe Standards

STVS factory located in Dong Nai which advanced manufacture line and procedure, ensure the best quality of products , which not only selling in dosmestic but also export to many developed country such as Australia, Singapore ...




Wire fence

STVS Wire fence are made as modular type which contain peach post and wire mesh panel, easy to install with no wlding at all

Hàng rào lưới thép

Hàng rào lưới thép


Hàng rào lưới thép cột trái đào

Modular Astra Fence

STVS Modular Astra fence made of galvanized steel and Marine paint with elegant looking, designed as modular, easy to install without welding.


Mẫu hàng rào sắt hộp mạ kẽm đẹp

Furthermore, STVS Modular Astra Fence can withstand up tp 10 year even at harsh environment such as nearby sea, chemical factory, water treatment... 

Hàng rào thép

Hàng rào thép mạ kẽm


Modular Handrail

STVS Modular handrail posess robust structure which tested under 2000N pull/ push force at SGS lab.

Besides, modular handrail type make it very easy to install without welding which can prevent the rust and corrosion, suitabale for harsh environment


Handrail dạng module lắp ghép không hàn


Handrail Module chống ăn mòn lắp cho Bể xử lí nước thải

Sliding Gate

1. Elegent design as European standard

2. Saving the space

3. Special rail design, suitable for factory with heavy-weighted container

3. Eurepean made motor

4. Finished with PPG Marine paint, can withstand 10 years of good looking

5. Easy installation

6. Can be compatible with control room, CCTV, motion sensor ...


A-safe barrier and bollard

A-safe barriers and bollards help to protect people and important machine/ rack, equipment from collision with forklift which have outstanding perfromance in 

1. Absord 80% impact force

2. Return back to normal after collision

3. No rust or color fade

4. Withstan UV according to ISO 4892-3

5. No damage to floor after collision