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High speed shutter

High speed door for clean room, cold storage with high speed opening/ closing, air permeability, insulated and special design ideal for Clean room, Cold storage

Detail description

What is high speed door:

High-speed doors are door systems, mainly used in industrial applications. They are technical enhancements of the generally known sectional doors, PVC fabric doors or roller shutter. The main difference is that the durable construction provides a higher operating speed and they are able to sustain a higher number of cycles (opening and closing cycles) and require lower maintenance and repair cost. Depending on the intended field of application, horizontal or vertical operating door types are available.

High Speed Doors are an evolution of the traditional roller shutter door (hence the alternative name they are often given of Rapid Roll Doors). They are primarily designed to give higher operating speeds, improved sealing and sustain a higher number of opening & closing cycles than traditional roller shutters, without compromising reliability & durability. To achieve this they generally have a strengthened drivetrain, strong but lightweight PVC curtain (usually with a vision window for visibility) and a high speed industrial motor. Usually they will roll up vertically to top of the doorway though there are specialist bi-parting horizontally opening variations available.

Top 3 Best High speed door in Viet Nam

Cửa cuốn nhanh Nhật Bản Bunka Daimajin/ BEAD

Bunka high speed door is renowned Japanese brand which is trusted by global corporation such as Toyota, Canon, Aeon, Honda…

Cửa cuốn tốc độ cao Bunka Daimajin/ BEAD nổi bật với thiết kế độc đáo độc quyền từ tập đoàn BX BunKa Nhật Bản. Được sản xuất từ mành PVC nhập khẩu Nhật Bản với cấu trúc nẹp bạt đầu bi của Bunka Shutter giúp cửa cuốn tối ưu khả năng kín khí, kín gió, giảm tiếng ồn khi hoạt động, luôn vận hành trơn tru ở tốc độ cao nhưng vẫn đảm bảo khả năng chịu áp suất và áp lực gió lớn.

BX BUnka High speed door made from PVC curtain imported from Japan, unique design exclussively owned by Bunka corporation which enhance the permeability, windload ability, low operation noise when operating in high speed.

Especially, in case of collision with forklift which made the curtain out of the track, the curtain will be auto reset to normal stage when opening/ clising with maximum limit.So that, it can be save a huge amount of maintenance fee for factory. 


Assa Abloy high speed door for cold storage and clean room

Assa Abloy is leading corporation in making high speed door in Eurepe with many renowned brand as Albany, Crawford, Entrematic, Dynaco....

Assa Abloy have some special products that could meet certain demand of cold storage, clean with according to international standard such as GMP, ISO ...

Assa Abloy high speed door have compact design help to saving the space, as well as minimized the gap between the curtain and rail which help to increase permeability and prevent air leakage.

The door also made of stainless steel that prevent the rust and corrosion, suitable for clean room.

High opening/closing speed (from 0,8 – 2,8 m/s) allow continuos flow of goods, increase work effeciency, prevent the dust, insect from outside. minimized air leakage

Auto-restore function make the door easily recover to normal state after collision

Hormann high speed door

Hormann is leading corporation of Europe in doors market.

Hormann hihg speed door meet all high spicification, manufacture accordng to Europe standards, ensure best quality to custmomer.