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Sectional Garage Doors are rapidly growing as one of the most popular choices of garage door. Their strength, safety and security are just some of the many benefits that justify this popularity. They are known as 'Sectional' doors due to their construction, being made of separate sections which open vertically. 

Benefit of using sectional garage door

Stenghth Structure

Sectional garage door normaly made of double skinned panel by galvanized steel, filled with insulating PU foam 42mm to 67mm thick. that ensure strength and longevity. 

Spave saving
Sectional garage doors open and close vertically, meaning space around the opening can be utilised. This is perfect for shorter garages or driveways, allowing vehicles to be parked up against the door without needing space to 'swing out' when opening the door. The door panels curve upwards over the opening and then back into the headroom of the garage. When fitted and specified accurately, unlike other garage door types, a sectional can offer full drive-through height and width. This is an ideal solution for garages that require large vehicle access, or have limited access dimensions


The mechanical design of a Sectional garage door is notably different to Up and Over garage doors. The spring system provides a much smoother operation than a conventional Up and Over door, which is particularly useful on larger sized doors. All Sectional garage doors can be either manually or electrically operated, remaining smooth and quiet in both cases due to excellent engineering, flawless design and high-quality components. Sectional door panels offer safe operation, with anti-entrapment design between the sections to prevent finger trapping, and a number of other safety features that meet all current legal regulations. 



If your garage is utilised as a room such as an office, workshop or gym, a sectional door is a fantastic choice to insulate and protect your belongings. Sectional doors are built to maintain constant temperature within the garage, perfect for applications where temperature control is a factor. Therefore, a sectional garage door is perfect for valuables and car collectors alike, preventing damp, damaging conditions.

When properly installed, an insulated sectional door will provide an impressive U-Value rating, and reduce any heating costs on adjacent rooms as a result. Some doors come with optional rubber seals to further improve the insulation qualities.

The image to the right shows the thickness of Hormann's LPU 67 sectional, the most insulated door available, next to the 42mm thick insulated and non-insulated door panels.




Double skinned, insulated sectional doors offer strong security qualities. Combined with a quality electric operator, a sectional door can be almost impossible to break into, especially without specialist tools and lots of noise! The Hormann Supramatic and Promatic Bi Secur electric operators have additional locking in the operator boom in the form of a steel hook; this holds the door panels firmly at the top, as well as it being held by the motor itself. Electric operators from Garador, Marantec, Carteck and Somfy also offer high quality specifications and security.

All insulated Sectional garage doors supplied by The Garage Door Centre are CFC free, foam-filled, and manufactured with double-skinned, galvanised steel panel construction. We don't supply single skin panels with polystyrene stuck to the inside face. The 42mm thick panel construction provides incredible strength, whilst reducing damage from knocks and bumps.

Colour Finishes & Designer Elements

There is a wide variety of finishes and effects available for sectional garage doors, which is often pressed onto the door at the manufacturing stage. High quality paint finishes are also available, including a range of woodgrain effects designed to match existing building and wood work.

A surge in demand for designer elements has lead to a number of manufacturers offering both standard and bespoke designs. Not only have we seen a huge increase in the demand for special surface finishes like Titan Metallic, we have also seen a demand for stainless steel elements. Hormann's T Ribbed design is just one example of steel elements, with striking horizontal lines creating a stylish finish. 


Pedestrian Door Option (Wicket Door)

A true masterpiece of engineering; the optional pedestrian door, also known as a wicket door, is a superb solution for a household using their garage regularly, but not primarily for a vehicle. Access to the freezer, tools or bikes is easy with the large convenient wicket door, which can be used without opening the entire garage door. The bottom threshold is only around 10mm, allowing easy access to bicycles, scooters and wheelchairs. Wicket inset doors are only available in the 42mm double skinned insulated option, due to panel strength required. 

Manufacturers for this type of sectional garage door include Hormann and Carteck.

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