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Fire rated and Insulated curtain

Fire rated and Insulated Shutter and Curtain

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About Fire rated and Insulated Curtain

Fire rated and Insulated curtain made from fabric insulated curtain, have ability to withstand the fire up to 60-90minutes as well as, prevent the heat from fire area to safe area.

Specification of Vholdings Fire rated curtain

Color: white

Material: fabric

Width: 1300mm

Weight: 4000g/m2

Have ability to withstand the fire and prevent the heat according to BS476 part 20/22

Fire rated class:: class 1 according to BS476 part 7:1987

Get fire rated certificate according to QC 06/2020

Auto close when receiving signal from fire rated system.

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Where to buy Fire rated Curtain?

Contact: Vholdings International JSC

Website: vholdings.com.vn

Hotline: 0945 211 216