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Dormakaba Movable wall

Dormakaba Variflex Movable wall

Detail description

What is movable wall?

Movable walls (also known as operable wall, demountable walls or sliding wall) are typically floor to ciling partition or panels that can be adjusted to change spatial arrangements.

The purpose of movable walls is generally to transform a single space into multiple smaller spaces with minimal effort. They can divide a school hall into different multi-purpose area for simultaneous physical activities or split a large conference facility into smaller seminar rooms. When they are not needed, the partititons are folded, moved or concealed in a space efficient manner.


Types off movable walls

In general : there are 3 main types of movable walls : glass movable wall, mdf movable wall, folding wall 

Variflex movable wall

Combining spatial elegance and functional efficiency to meet the highest standards
With Variflex from DORMA Hüppe, there are almost no limits to the architectural creativity that can be applied – starting with the floor plan and continuing through to the installed and operable partition. By incorporating sensible divisions, spaces can be configured in accordance with changing demands and prevailing functional requirements, giving more flexibility in every-day usage. The more complex the requirements placed on a movable wall system, the more clients are advised to opt for the DORMA Hüppe Variflex. Even room proportions can be tailored to individual requirements with this system. Its variability and flexibility engenders outstanding functionality, even in the case of large room heights, inclined ceilings or angled walls.

Functional and aesthetic design
The characteristics of a room are defined in particular by its visual appearance. Consequently, the partitioning system should also harmoniously integrate within the given ambience. DORMA Hüppe Variflex makes this possible with a virtually inexhaustible choice of textures and colors meeting even the most demanding design and styling requirements. Enabling artistic ideas to be converted into reality.

Intelligent technology systematically implemented

Steel-and-aluminum frame construction with top-hung, freely oscillating cover panels

  • Element thicknesses: 85, 100 and 120 mm
  • Element width: 600 – 1,200 mm
  • Clear height: 2,000 – 14,500 mm

Equipment and accessories

  • Standard operation: Manual with crank
  • For more convenience: Semi-automatic (electronically controlled extension and retraction of the sealing strips)
  • Steel sheet paneling: Optional

Sound insulation per EN 20140, laboratory values in Rw:

  • Variflex 85  : 45 and 50 dB
  • Variflex 100: 45 - 57 dB
  • Variflex 120: 58 and 60 dB


For efficient space utilization
Conference rooms and offices are today able to benefit from flexible spatial management. It all becomes possible with MOVEO movable, sound-insulating partitioning systems with opaque elements and the MOVEO Glass version comprising transparent elements. With these systems, it is possible to modify room sizes with ease, flexibility and speed, and thus adapt them to different occupant group sizes. Floor plans thus become multifunctional and more spatially efficient.

DORMA MOVEO brought briefly to the point

  • SPEED 

In-built scope for change

  • Plan your interior with the benefits of MOVEO movable wall systems in mind


  • Sealed composite lightweight construction with acoustic core


  • Element thickness: 100 mm
  • Element width: 600 – 1,250 mm
  • Clear height: 2,000 – 9,000 mm


  • Clear height: up to 4,000 mm
  • Frame profile widths: Horizontal 118 mm; Vertical 30 mm
  • Double-glazing units made from toughened safety glass
  • Electrically controllable interior blinds: optional

Equipment and accessories

  • Standard operating system: ComforTronic (electronically controlled extension and retraction of the sealing strips)
  • Premium operating system: ComfortDrive (fully automatic operation of the elements and electronically controlled extension and contraction of the sealing strips)
  • Internal acoustic core integrated in elements within an overall thickness of 100 mm: optional
  • Fire load reduced construction: optional

Sound insulation per EN 20140, laboratory values in Rw:

  • 42/43 dB – 20 kg/m²
  • 49/50 dB – 30 kg/m²
  • 55 dB – 40 kg/m²
  • MOVEO Glass 44 and 50 dB (34 and 49 kg/m² respectively)

Skyfold movable wall

Skyfold is a vertical movable wall system that retracts to the ceiling. It is space-saving, requires no guide or track rails and offers acoustic insulation up to Rw 59 dB. This elegant and robust folding wall system enables rapid and fully automatic operation at the press of a button.