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With over 150 years experience, Dormakaba corporation is No.1 in Europe market, supplying high quality hardware ( lock, door closer, floor spring ...) and security solutions. Dormakaba products comply to highest standards in the world, will be the reliable choice which guaranteed over hundred years of history.

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About Dormakaba

Dormakaba is leading corporation in making door hardware and Acess control solutions after the merging between 2 leaders Dorma (Germany) and Kaba( Swisszerland) 

Dorma is established in 1908 in Germany. For over hundreds year of development,Dorma become the top manufacturer of door hardware with exceltional high quality products such as : door closer, floor spring, lock, auto sliding system, movable wall ...

While Kaba was establised in Swisszerland in 1862, leading company in lock and Access & Security system.

In 2015, Dorma và Kaba merged together to become Dormakaba – world leading in door hardware & access control system market.


Vholdings tự hào khi là đia lý phân phối số 1 của Dormakaba tại Việt Nam

In 2019, Vholdings hornored to become No.1 Authorized Distributor of Dorrmakaba in Vietnam.

Dormakaba products meet all strictly high standards in the world, have extraordinary high quality, design and durability.


Dormakaba Door closer

Dormakaba door closer is core products of Dorma, which contribute to the success of Dormakaba brandname

Dormakaba Door closer have elegant and compact design, durability over millions of opening/ closing cycles, smoothly open and close with minimum force 


Tay co thủy lực Dormakaba TS91

Bản lề sàn Dormakaba

Together with door closer, Dormakaba floor spring is the soul of Dormakaba brand with modern and compact design, durability over millions of opening/ closing cycles, smoothly open and close with minimum force.

Especially, Dormakaba BTS 80 can support door with weight upto 300 kds.


Bản lề sàn Dormakaba BTS80


Dormakaba lock

Dormakaba lock have been renowned in the world by unparallel quality, absolutely secure with 18-24 pins cylinder. 


Khóa khách sạn dormakaba


Dormakaba hotel lock - Digital Lock

Dormakaba is top hotel lock manufacturer of the world, which the brandname is trusted to use by many luxury international hotel chains such as JW Marriott, Pullman, Hyatt, Sheraton ... thanks to great quality and absolutely secure.

Besides, Dormakaba Digital lock is also a best choice for high class apartment and villas


Khóa điện tử Dormakaba DP850

Dormakaba Auto sliding operator - Auto swing Operator

Dormakaba Auto sliding operator and Auto swing operator is high-end products which arechoosen by many international airports thanks to its exeptional quality, smooth opening over the time...



Dorma Movable wall

Dorma is also a leader in movable wall market with various type of product such as MDF movable wall, Glass partition, Skyfold movable partitions,


Vách xếp âm trần Dorma Skyfold


Dormakaba Barrier and Turnstile

Dormakaba Arrgus Barrrier is ideal solution for airport and office thanks to its elegant and heart-touching design, durability tested over 8 millions cycle ...


Cửa kiểm soát an ninh Flap Barrier Dormakaba

Where to buy Dormakaba products in Vietnam?

Vholdings honored to be come No.1 Authorized Distributor of Dormakaba in Vietnam.

With experienced technical teams, hotline 24/7 support, Vholdings always strive to bring the highest quality products and services to customer. 

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