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Bunka Vietnam is leading brand in Japan, specialize in manufacturing Fire rated steel door, steel shutter, windload shutter, high speed door Daimajin, BEAD...

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About BX Bunka Vietnam

BX Bunka is leading door manufacturer in Japan, was established in 1961.

After 60 years of development, products of BX Bunka have been renowned for highest quality anh trusted over the world.

In 2008, BX Bunka Vietnam's factory was established in Hung Yen, marked the significant milestone to become the leading company in steel doors market.

Vholdings hornored to become the exclussive distributor of BX Bunka in Vietnam.

The main products of BUnka can be listed as below:

Steel door


Cửa thép chống cháy Bunka

Fire rated door is the core product of Bunka, which trusted to use in many luxury and big projects in Vietnam, thanks to outstanding high quality and durability,used door hardware imported from Japan or renowned Dormakaba hardware

Besides, BX Bunka is mleading in making EI60-EI90-EI120 fire rated stee door according to most recently standard.QC 06/2020


Wooden grain steel door

BX Bunka wooden grain steel door is bets choice for hotel, office and condominum thanks to the outstanding durability, no pest, twisted frame or size variable by humidity, elegant and scratch resistant wooden grain steel imported from Japan and Korea

Furthermore, BUnka wooden grain steel door can be 60 minutes fire rated according to most recent standard/


Steel shutter- Windload steel shutter

Cửa cuốn thép chống bão Bunka

BX Binka is leading company in steel shutter market in Vietnam.

BX Bunka steel shutter have have great durability, smoothly operation, robust structure which can withstand the windload up tu 250km/h which tested in IBST lab.


High speed shutter


Cửa cuốn nhanh BX Bunka- Phân phối độc quyền bởi Vholdings

With the durability up to millions cycle, which is practically used in top factory such as Canon, Honda, Toyota, Pepsi, Cocacola ... over decades, BX Bunka high speed door have curtain made of pvc which allow high speed operation, high permeability help to prevent dust and air leakage, suitable for high-tech and pharma factory, clean room or cold storage .... 

Besides, BX Bunka high speed shutter have ability to recover after collision that minimize the maintenance fee.


Semi-auto Sliding door

BX Bunka Semi-auto sliding door Clam Slider is renowned as its name, which operated smoothly nearly silent, easy operation by low force, semi-auto mechanism aloow the door close when release hand.

Bx Bunka Calm Slider is ideal solutions for hospital, office and school ....


Cửa lùa bán tự động Bunka

Water resistant panel

Bx Buinka water resitant panel are imported from Japan, have 2 main series: aluminum panel and PVC curtain.

Bx Buinka water resitant panel are pactically tested in Japan, which are proven to have great water resitant ability with the leakage only 20l/m2.h.



Where to buy BX Bunka products?

Vholdings honored to become the exclussive distributor of BX Bunka in Vietnam, 

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