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Assa Abloy

Assa Abloy is global corporation- Leading in Europe Industrial Door and Loading system, Dock leveler, dock shelter and Sectional door ensure the durable and smoothly operation, facilitate the loading process for your company.

Detail description

Assa was founded in 1880 in Sweden, founded by August Stenman, Abloy was founded in 1907 in Finland by Emil Henriksson.

Assa Abloy is developed through acquisition of strong, relevant brands, the combined experience in their respective fields and organic growth. More than 200 companies have joined Assa Abloy since its creation in 1994.

Now, Assa Abloy has grown into an international corporation with 47,500 employees and gains 7.9 billion euros every year, operating in more than 70 countries around the globe.

With over 25 years of accumulated experience, Assa Abloy's products are not only used in multiple projects and designs in all areas of social life, but also targeted the high-end segment market. Sub-brands under Assa Abloy Group have also affirmed their "position" in large projects, such as Albany, Megadoor, Amarr, Ditec...

Highlight products

High speed shutter

High speed shutter with simple structure, compact design, saving installation space. Besides, because of the control system, the movement of the door is always smooth with a fast opening and closing speed, but still safe to operate, increasing product life, less maintenance. The advantages of Assa Abloy high speed door are suitable for installation in factories, warehouses, logistics centers...

In particular, Assa Abloy high speed doors are also used a lot in areas such as cold storage, clean room - where there are strict requirements for airtightness, little heat loss.


Overhead sectional door

Were improved in both technology and design, overhead sectional door ensure stable operation in all types of weather and keep operating costs to a minimum.

Assa Abloy overhead sectional doors meet the highest standards in terms of: waterproof, wind resistance and air tightness reaching class 3 standards EN12425, EN12426. Moreover, the product is resistant to high temperature thanks to polyurethane 42mm between the door layers.

Thanks to its smart space-saving design, stable, reliable, and airtight operation, overhead sectional doors deserve to be the optimal choice to replace traditional rolling doors for industrial and commercial buildings.


Garage doors

European-style garage doors have become a trend in recent years. Wind resistance, high heat resistance, quiet operation, safety, eco-friendly, quality assurance, made in the USA are the advantages of garage doors compared to conventional doors.


Dock leveler

Dock leveler is also known as a hydraulic lifting platform or automatic lifting platform. This is a lifting device which narrows the gap between the warehouse floor and the cart. It helps to move goods from the warehouse area to the truck and then to deliver goods to other places. Substantial shorten the process of loading and unloading goods, reducing workforce, improving work efficiency, thereby obtaining greater economic benefits.


Dock shelter

Dock shelter has the main effect of covering the truck body, connecting to the warehouse door to prevent heat loss, preventing foreign objects from entering during the importation of goods into the warehouse, and vice versa.